I am always in the market for nice things and stumbled across these Dovo scissors on Kaufmann Mercantile while doing some research for another project.  Made of high carbon stainless, these scissors are strong and will carry an edge much longer than your basic household scissors.

Dovo takes so much pride in these scissors, they ensured their product was allowed to carry the wording ‘Solingen’, which is the city where they are made, but more importantly, the city only allows goods to use that name if they live up to the high standards of materials and manufacturing.

Well balanced and smooth cutting these scissors are a thing of beauty.  KM offers them in a 7″ household and a 6″ paper version.

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My teacher in 9th grade Earth Science had a version of the National Audubon Society Field Guide we were to use as a reference for our papers and projects.  Leather bound and the size of a small child, I always questioned how it could be used in the actual field.  It seemed impossible to lug those massive volumes out into the wilderness and still find time to enjoy nature vs. the actual process of carrying the books.

When I found this pocket or actual field size collection at Best Made Company, it made me think of Mr. Morrison and his boxes of rocks.  This 16 volume edition covers all of your nature needs.  Birds, rocks & minerals, fish and the nights sky are addressed and no man would have any unanswered questions if he possesses this set.

Bound in colorful vinyl and containing full color photos for easy ID’ing of your subject matter, this set is a must-have for any outdoorsmen.


audubon_fieldguide_600c_1024x1024 audubon_fieldguide_600o_1024x1024 audubon_fieldguide_600d_1024x1024 audubon_fieldguide_600g_1024x1024


The National Portrait Gallery is showcasing the works of the Daily News photographer Harry Warnecke in a collection they are calling ‘In Vibrant Color’.  Warnecke was the lead at the Daily News color photo studio and is credited in convincing the Daily News to invest in expensive technology that introduced color photography to the national audience. At the time, the tricolor process was so rare that Warnecke was forced to build his own camera, which used filters to separate images into the red, blue, and green pigments, creating the bold color we see in his photographs.

The collection showcases some of the cultural icon’s of the 1930’s and 40’s.  Dale Evans, Louis Armstrong, Orson Welles and Dwight Eisenhower were just a few of the subjects Warnecke was able to capture.  His photos used color, rather than the black and white contrast that most photographers of his era were focusing on.  By pushing the ‘needle’ and expanding into color photography, Warnecke was to capture the true spirt of America.


I was unable to attend the Spring/Summer 2012 preview party thrown by Lands’ End Canvas a few months back, but just caught this video and I am very excited about what they showed and what I can assume to be live on the site/in-store in the next few weeks.  (Yes, I know it still ‘winter’, but Feb is ‘spring’ in the retail world)  Easy, casual pieces, infused with color and just the right amount of style, are what LEC is standing for this season.  Collection looks great and I have already picked out a few must have pieces for myself.  Great job guys! 

(Disclosure:  The Noble County Gold curator was previously employed by Lands’ End/LEC and received no benefit from them by posting this video.)