Patagonia has released a short film that showcases some of their iconic pieces of gear and the people who use them.  The catch is, these pieces span from being 10 to 35 years old and are still going strong.  It’s a testament to Patagonia and the products they created, but to me, the message the video is telling goes deeper than that.

The message goes totally against the mindset that has been ingrained in my mind the 17 years I have been in the retail game.  Keeping clothing as long possible and not buying new each season, that’s just crazy talk in retail.  If everybody followed that model, what would happen to all the malls, the large sales bonuses given to retail executives and the collaborations between brands and celebrities? In an instant gratification society where we value the new vs. the old and then have to be the first person to get that item and show it to our loyal followers, on whatever social media platform is the coolest that day, this video and its message puts that idea on its head and then kicks it in the ass….and I totally agree with it.

In this day and age, we need more brands and retailers to follow this message.  Putting hard work, dedication and quality into every item them make.  They need to think more about the lifespans of their garments and how to enable them to be passed on from this generation to the next.  It’s more about creating a legacy for the brand than creating EBIDTA.



The creators behind Good Beer Buckshot, held for the 2nd year at Camp Wandawega, just released this short video capturing some of the moments from that weekend.  Having been an active participant, this video captures the true essence of what took place and I was honored to be part of.  Looking forward to the next event these great minds will create.  Thanks Max, Michael and all the others who made this event possible.


0ap2000000258922Nike, just 1 year into their 5 year deal with the NFL, revealed the new 2013-2014 Pro Bowl uniforms the players will be wearing.  To go along with these new uniforms, a new draft-style format will be used to fill the rosters spots, so it will no longer be the traditional AFC vs. NFC we have grown so accustom too.
nfc_49ers_probowl_f_b_r3One team will be sporting the grey/electric lime and the other team with the white/orange combo.  With the new uniforms and the new roster filling format, the NFL is really pushing to drive some excitement around the Pro Bowl.  They started this idea a few years back when the date of the Pro Bowl was moved to be played before the Super Bowl, hoping to make it more relevant in the minds of the NFL fans.afc_ravens_probowl_f_b_r3Some are saying the new uniforms are to similar to newly designed Oregon and Oregon State uniforms.  You be the judge.



logo-originalThis past week Allen Edmonds, the 91 year old footwear brand out of Port Washington WI launched a small collection of apparel.  There are enough pieces to create 8-10 classic looks, which can be seen below, but what is most important about this launch is that 90% of this collection was made right here, in the USA.

Paul Grangaard, the brands President and CEO states ‘This is all about great American styling combined with American manufacturing authenticity…Allen Edmonds has proven that world class shoes can be handcrafted in America. Now we’re going to help show the world that it also can still be done in amazing clothing and leather goods.’  With the manufacturing of this line, Allen Edmonds, along with their production partners were able to create and fill more than 280 skilled labor jobs, all filled by the american worker.

Along with this launch, the company has also re-braneded themselves and have picked up the tag line, ‘An American Original’.  The logo is clean, simple and classic, which really speaks to the brand and their offering.

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