My teacher in 9th grade Earth Science had a version of the National Audubon Society Field Guide we were to use as a reference for our papers and projects.  Leather bound and the size of a small child, I always questioned how it could be used in the actual field.  It seemed impossible to lug those massive volumes out into the wilderness and still find time to enjoy nature vs. the actual process of carrying the books.

When I found this pocket or actual field size collection at Best Made Company, it made me think of Mr. Morrison and his boxes of rocks.  This 16 volume edition covers all of your nature needs.  Birds, rocks & minerals, fish and the nights sky are addressed and no man would have any unanswered questions if he possesses this set.

Bound in colorful vinyl and containing full color photos for easy ID’ing of your subject matter, this set is a must-have for any outdoorsmen.


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The Vans Authentic is my spring/summer shoe.  It’s simple, classic design allows it to be worn with anything and more importantly it allows me to feel younger than I am, without looking like a total poser.  

I’m a traditionalist and always purchase the Navy or Off-White, but these Black Chambray versions on Steven Alan caught my eye.  While still classic, it takes the Authentic to a whole new level and expands their wearing occasion.  The only thing better than black chambray would be grey, or true indigo.  For only $52.00 they are a worth a try.  



DSC04473We here at Noble County Gold like to share products that have been created with passion.  New West Knifeworks and its founder and leader, Corey Milligan have done just that in their Fusionwood 2.0 cutlery collection.  With its headquarters in Jackson Hole, WY and steel blade manufacturing in Shelburne Falls, MA, these knives not only cut like a dream, but are works of art.



Perfectly balanced, their Serrated Deli Utility Knife dominates anything you throw at it.  We used it this past Thanksgiving for our pre-dinner feast; a variety of cheeses and hard pepperoni imported from Chicago, IL.  (Cannot find a good Italian Deli here in Columbus)  We were impressed with the way it fit into the hand and how well it was able to move from different types of foods and cut with ease.  Little pressure was needed for even the hardest of subjects.




At $159.00, the Serrated Deli Utility would make a great gift for any foodie or cook in your life.