To start the new year off, the wife and I took on the challenge of a juice cleanse from Moon Juice, located in Venice, CA. They offer various organic juices and specialize 3, 5 or 7 day cleanses.  You all know Team Colley does not do things half-ass, so we both signed up for a 7 day rainbow cleanse, which entails 7 cold-pressed juices and 1 almond milk, that are to be consumed throughout the day and are to be the only thing you consume.

Yes, going without food for 7 days is crazy, but per the juices, we are getting all the vitamins and nutrients a body needs, on-top of our daily multi-vitamin we take, so please don’t worry.  I am currently on day 2 and feel fine.  I have a slight headache, which is because I am no longer drinking coffee 3-5 times day, but that should subside in a day or two.  I have listed out my 7 juices and their benefits below for your easy reading.

  • Cilantro Celery Punch – contains cilantro, celery, green apple, lemon, ginger.  Benefits:  Heavy Metal Detox, Nerve Calming, Infection Fighting
  • Californian Sun – contains mix citrus.  Benefits:  Cell Defending, Alkalizing, Bone Strengthening
  • Carrot, Lime & Coconut – contains carrot, coconut meat, lime, ginger.  Benefits:  Fat Flushing, Virus Fighting, Body Strengthening
  • Turmeric Gold – contains turmeric root, red apple.  Benefits:  Pain Killing, Metabolism Boosting, Anti-oxidizing
  • Golden Milk – contains unpasteurized almond milk, turmeric root juice, cinnamon, cardamon, raw wildflower honey.  Benefits:  Anti-inflammatory, Liver Cleansing, Muscle and Bone Building
  • Burdock Diakon Citrine – contains diakon, burdock, lemon, green apple.  Benefits:  Purifying, Probiotic, Skin Cleansing, Decongestant  
  • Gingered Lemon – contains ginger, lemon, green apple.  Benefits:  Detoxing, Tummy Soothing, Energizing, Immunizing
  • Almond Milk – contains 100% California almonds, mineral water, mountain salt, raw wildflower honey.  


DSC04473We here at Noble County Gold like to share products that have been created with passion.  New West Knifeworks and its founder and leader, Corey Milligan have done just that in their Fusionwood 2.0 cutlery collection.  With its headquarters in Jackson Hole, WY and steel blade manufacturing in Shelburne Falls, MA, these knives not only cut like a dream, but are works of art.



Perfectly balanced, their Serrated Deli Utility Knife dominates anything you throw at it.  We used it this past Thanksgiving for our pre-dinner feast; a variety of cheeses and hard pepperoni imported from Chicago, IL.  (Cannot find a good Italian Deli here in Columbus)  We were impressed with the way it fit into the hand and how well it was able to move from different types of foods and cut with ease.  Little pressure was needed for even the hardest of subjects.




At $159.00, the Serrated Deli Utility would make a great gift for any foodie or cook in your life.